Carlye Wisel is a writer + video host who went to Walt Disney World on a whim and basically never left.

Now a theme park journalist and travel expert, she spends her days attending strangers' Disney weddings, flying to Shanghai to ride a TRON coaster and doing her best to help families with endless Walt Disney World planning.

A self-described purveyor of the weird, Carlye will go anywhere for a good, strange story β€” and sometimes, nowhere at all.

She's flown across the country to be snubbed by Kim Kardashian, boarded a Zumba cruise ship, lived her truth at adult sleepaway camp and locked herself inside Mall of America.

Is she a reporter? A comedian? Two children standing on each others’ shoulders to enter Disneyland for free?

Who knows! Prior to becoming a professional editorial clown, she ran a very public Twitter account, worked at a record label updating Ozzy Osbourne's website, spent her ASOS salary on baggy dresses & turned her living room into a concert venue, so jury’s still out.

These days, Carlye Wisel is a contributor at Travel + Leisure and covers theme parks for Eater, POPSUGAR, RackedThrillist, Marie Claire and Men's Journal, among others.

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Need help planning A trip...

To Disneyland?

πŸƒπŸ» What to do! πŸƒπŸ»

🎠 What to ride! πŸŽ 

🍿 What to eat! πŸΏ

🍸 What to drink! πŸΈ

further away?



βš“οΈ Disney cruise line βš“️

🌴 aulani πŸŒ΄

To Walt Disney World?

πŸƒπŸ»What to do! πŸƒπŸ»

🎠 What to ride! πŸŽ 

🍿What to eat! πŸΏ

🍸What to drink! πŸΈ

πŸ’€ Where to stay πŸ’€

🎟 Using Fastpass 🎟

πŸ“ Planning Checklist πŸ“


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